About us

We are WrapShop
We make cars look Awesome

Welcome to WrapShop Inc. Montreal's premier custom car one stop wrap shop. Full car wraps, custom wraps, commercial wraps, decals, stripes, custom painting, window tinting, paint protection, car detailing, paint polishing and much more.

WrapShop Inc. is one of the best vinyl wrapping and car styling companies in North America, a position we’ve gained since 2007. We work with high-quality materials which are developed for high-end car wrapping and also other special applications. Check our services page to see how we can help you.

For over 10 years

I have been working with vehicles. It started with Car Audio, Brake Jobs and Oil Changes. I thought I would have been a mechanic, went to school for it and working nights servicing 18 wheelers. My love for cars grew stronger but my passion was not full-filled. I then discovered vinyl and how to install it on vehicles. I started to become very proud of my work and decided it was time to get into business. With multiple business experiences, I am proud to say Welcome to the WrapShop! With our team of expert installers, we will get the job done with perfection.

Our mission

is to take our time to perfect the smallest details in order to give you a flawless wrap that will appear as a showroom quality paint finish when completed.

When it comes to car wrapping you really get what you pay for, and sacrificing quality for cost can be detrimental to your end product as well as your vehicles paint itself.

How did it all

From oil change to sick chrome Bentley wrap! Here is how all started over 10 years ago…

At my flourishing teenager age I started with oil change! A couple of years later I was already a full time mechanic in a truck company. While I had dirty hands working under the car, I was always more attracted by the outside of it. Just looking at a car I could imagine how it would look in another color, or with stripes, or decals and so on…

So I turned the page on mechanic and oil life and I went to work as a graphics installer. In one year I opened Demasi Design – my first car design and wrap company. 2 years after, in 2015, I co-founded Wrap Mtl, the company we did many projects together, went to all the F1 week-ends and car exhibitions. Won prizes, awards and which is most important, I got THAT experience which money can’t buy. Last year I started a new chapter. I decided to push the quality standards and the wrapping technology much higher. So I had to part ways with Wrap MTL and to start my own Wrap Shop Inc. company in order to achieve my goal. We are at the same location in Montreal North but we now offer much more and higher quality services…and we are ready for any challenge. I’ll be glad to see you. Your car will be in good hands.